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     Look for Thompson Valley Natural Grass-fed Angus Beef products at these retailers. We are currently in the process of setting up additional retail locations in new areas. If you are a retailer and would like information on how to sell Thompson Valley Natural Grass-fed Angus Beef at your store or deli or serve it in your restaurant please contact us, we'd love to work with you.

Retail Cuts


Premium Steaks                   Filet Mignon                                       Flat Iron Steak                                    Rib Eye (boneless)                             New York                                           T-bone (sp order)                     Porterhouse (sp order)                     Petite Tender                            Quality Steaks                       Top Sirloin                                Flank                                        Skirt                                              Chuck Eye                                Roasts                                   Chuck (boneless)                             Cross Rib                                     London Broil                             Rump                                           Brisket (X lean cap off)                 Corned Beef (in season)                  Prime Rib (sp order)                            Tri Tip                                      Misc.                                  Ground Beef (1 lb pack)          
  • Thompson Valley Ranch      905 LaPorte Rd                 Quincy CA 95971                (530) 283-5873
  • Quincy Natural Foods          269 Main Street                 Quincy CA 95971                (530) 283-3528
  • Sprouting Roots Community Market                                    57 E Sierra Ave.                Portola CA 96122                (530) 832-1642
  • Pangaea Cafe and Pub         461 W Main Street            Quincy CA 95971                (530) 283-0426                (Burgers and Weekly Specials)

 *Not all cuts are available at all locations.*

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